Why I don’t wear panties- Safina Haroun


Truth be told, it is often difficult not to notice a busty woman in a crowd. When a beautiful woman then decides to flaunt her monstrous towering twin towers, it is simply impossible to ignore her.

Such is the case of Kumawood actress, Safina Haroun who is not just busty but has huge curves.


Haroun recently revealed in an interview why she doesn’t wear panties.

“People say I have big boobs and butt but I don’t see it that way and moreover I feel very uncomfortable when I wear panties so I avoid it”

The endowed actress also noted that when she is going on a movie set, she doesn’t also wear panties.

Even when I am going on set, I don’t wear it. As for brassieres, I wear it when I am going for an important occasion but when I am home, I don’t wear it”.

TheNewsGuru, TNG  recalls that Nazo Ekezie recently declared that she doesn’t wear panties.

In her words: “It might sound cliché but I don’t wear pants anymore. Because I’m not going to joke with my destiny and if there’s anywhere that I’m taking my clothes off, my underwear are going straight to my bag”.


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