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I dreamt about my father’s death- Oge Kimono


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Ogechukwu Nwamaka Onwubuya, simply known by her stage name, Oge Kimono is the daughter of the late Reggae music maestro.

Oge who is also a Reggae artiste like her dad has declared that she would miss everything about Ras Kimono.

My father was my everything; he was my best friend, my partner in crime. He was my gossip partner and also, my adviser. People have always asked me what I would miss most about my dad, and I told them I would miss everything about him.

There is no particular thing. Everything about him is what I would miss. He was true to himself. I’m yet to see anyone that has negative thing to say about him. All I have been hearing is that he was a good man, he was selfless, humble and dedicated. And that’s exactly what my dad was.

He was an open book to everyone. The bond we shared was such that people started suspecting whether I was his daughter or his girlfriend. At a point, we were that close because everywhere he was going I would accompany him, she told Vanguard.


Oge also revealed that she had a premonition about the sad demise of the ‘Under pressure’ crooner, adding that she dreamt about it.

Hear her:”Since I returned to the country in 2010, I have been having dreams in this direction. I lost my grand mother first, then my mum and now my dad. The thought of loosing my dad has always crossed my mind. But God has been always faithful.

“Like I said, I have been having dreams and may be , it was a way of preparing me to be able to be strong, to carry on with my life. I remember vividly the last dream I had of him.

In that dream, he was the one that called me and said that my dad was dead. The next morning I called him and relayed my dream to him. This was about three years ago. I cried profusely in that dream and I woke with my tear stained face the following morning. It felt so real that I had to put a call across to find out if he was okay”.


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