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I hide in the house when I was on a low cut- Zainab Balogun Nwachukwu


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Beautiful actress and media personality, Zainab Balogun has opened up on the pressure she encountered when she was on low cut for over nine years.

The ‘Wedding Party’ actress made this known  in a recent interview with  Bolanle Olukanni .

In her words: “I would just go to the barber pay my five hundred naira and I am done. I just wanted a different look. I was on low cut between nine to ten years

“I was growing my hair naturally; I was impatient so my hair was permed. When you are growing your hair you have a tiny part that just looks scanty. I went to the salon in the UK and told the barber to take it off. I didn’t realize what I was asking for because when I left, a certain breeze blew my head.”

When asked how people reacted when she changed her look, she said: “I felt like everybody was staring at me. It was so strange. I would hide in the house until it grew out a little bit because it was weird. I was modelling at that time and photographers loved it because it brought out my face. I got more attention when I was on low cut. Some people thought I was a rebel”.

Zainab got married  to Dikko Nwachukwu who is the owner of Jetwest Airways in May 2018. She revealed how she met him and how she copes with being a step mum.

”I honestly didn’t envision I would get married as soon as I did. For me, it has always been about connections. I have never particularly dated guys for what they had or what they can give me. So when you meet someone that is the definition of kindness, of partnership, of love, of understanding, it just makes life easy. I think that is when you know somebody is for you, when it is not hard, when you don’t have to beg someone for attention, when you don’t have to communicate with you, they love what you do, they push you. It feels effortless.

So we were friends. We were introduced by a mutual friend, comedian Chigurl. She has got the spirit. I don’t know how many marriages Chioma has got under her belt. She was I have a guy that really likes you. We always joke and call you Slaynab. So we met, we had coffee. I wasn’t sure so I was like we should just be really good friends. We just built a really good bond and he became someone that I would talk to all the time.”

”At first I was Aunty Zainab and I remember my husband saying they really like you. I was like how can you tell and he was like suddenly, they are performing for you. They normally don’t do that. Then we started spending time together, doing all the fun stuff’

”I will never ever forget when we told them that we were going to get married. It was such a special moment. I remember they were sitting down and I was recording, they didn’t know I was recording and I said to them that me and Daddy are thinking getting married.. so how would you feel if I became your mum and we got married? It was so weird they burst into tears. They were so happy and for me, it just made sense.”



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