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I married a man who raped me on first date- Etinosa


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Domestic violence is not an easy tale to tell. Nigerian comedienne and actress, Etinosa Idemudia has shared her sad experience.

The humorous entertainer shared the sordid details of her marriage to her ex-husband Babatunde Solomon, stating that she left the marriage with fractured ribs and a stab wound.

She noted that life after divorce has been characterized by bullying and intimidation.

In her new Instagram post, Etinosa revealed that her ex-husband has sent his friend to keep bullying her. The said friend commented on her Instagram post when she recounted how her ex-husband abused her


In her words:”Now he sends his friend Lt Adedamola Adeleke. 
FEAR is your strongest weapon. I am no longer afraid. 
FEAR and Victim SHAMING are an abusers strongest weapons. I have no shame anymore. For someone that has been locked out of the house wearing nothing but her underwear in the middle of the night. No Dami, No I don’t have shame. No shame, No childhood, No FEAR you guys took that all away from me. 
Should I talk about why I made that video about rape last year??? Because what I said ladies should do was exactly what I did. I closed my eyes and told myself I wanted it. When I made that video I was battling with memories and I used the only coping mechanism I know COMEDY

But Nigerians did not know. I could not come out and say it was my experience because how would I explain to Nigerians that I married a man who raped me on the first date. SHAME and FEAR. DAMMI LEAVE ME ALONE. YOU CAN’T BULLY ME ANYMORE”


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