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I never burnt the Nigerian currency- Orezi declares

Afropop singer, Orezi has been in the news lately after he released a picture to promote his new music, Born Broke Die Rich.

Orezi caused a stir when he appeared to have set ablaze N1,000 note.

Keep Naira clean

Many Nigerians felt it was impolite to Nigeria and the country’s legal tender.

The crooner however noted that he didn’t burn the Nigerian currency.

“I never burnt the N1,000 note like people thought, it was just graphics; an edited picture. I did not burn the Nigerian currency. If you look at the picture, you would see that the fire almost got to my eyes. If it were real, I would not have been able to withstand the heat. I cannot allow fire to burn my eyes because I want to take a picture. I replied some comments when people were criticizing me because of the picture.

“I told them that it was an artistic paper and I did not burn the Nigerian currency. Why would I burn money to promote my music? A lot of my fans also tried to explain to those that were abusing me that it was an edited picture, but they would not listen. Some people went as far as saying that they would arrest me because it is against the law, but I did not burn the money. It is not everything that you can explain to people; sometimes you just have to keep quiet”, he told Punch.

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