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I have not given up on love- Grace Amah


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Delectable actress, Grace Amah has declared that she hasn’t given up on love, despite being a single parent.

Amah maintained that the fact that she took a wrong step doesn’t mean that she has given up on love.

She made this known in an encounter with TheNewsGuru.


“Why should I give up on love? You don’t particularly rule out things just because a particular step you took wasn’t the right one or didn’t favour you. I love to love and whatever has happened hasn’t taken love away from me. It has not, to be honest with you.

Don’t let me go into details because whatever happened wasn’t like things went bad, the only thing is that we didn’t go to the altar. At the right time, what will play out will play out in terms of marriage”.

Amah who recently starred in Amanda Ebeye’s new TV series ‘It’s a crazy world’ also opened up on her role in the series.

“I am playing the character Kemi, the second wife of chief Don Chucks and It’s been fun so far .The script has a lot of content and quite interesting and has a lot of comic relief as well. It’s been sweet with the research I have put into the character, making me want to play it so well. The character I am playing is a Yoruba lady who goes all the way to get what she wants”.


The light skinned damsel also expressed her views about celebrities who put their personal lives on social media. She noted that it’s their choice, adding that everyone is entitled to whatever they want to do.

“Funny enough, it’s their choice. Everybody is entitled to whatever he or she wants to do and especially my female folks really. I am not just the person that puts my life on social media. We are now in the age and time where everything you do has to be on social media to be able to either get endorsements or followers. It’s a good thing to put your work out there, but for me putting my relationship on social media is a no-no. My work can be on social media, but not my private life”.



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