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I once spent days at a movie location without getting a role- Adeleke Blessing Ibukunoluwa


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Budding Yoruba actress, Adeleke Blessing Ibukunoluwa fondly called Ibukun Adeleke by her fans, may not be a household name yet, but the Oyo State-born damsel’s ability to interpret roles exceptionally, will give the A-list stars a run for their money.


In this interview, Adeleke opens up on her passion for acting amongst other issues.


Venturing into acting

 I started acting through a friend. Though I have always had passion for the craft, however her help got me into the industry.


Educational background

For my Primary School Education I attended Joy Children School, Iju. For my Secondary School Education, I attended High Standard College and then for my University Education I attended , University of Lagos and studied Economics.


Movies that brought me to limelight


‘Asiko(Time ) and ‘Obiri increased my visibility in the industry.


Being endowed

Being busty has been a blessing to my career.I love my boobs. It gets me movie roles, but certainly not all roles. My talent has opened doors for me too



Encouragement of talents in Yoruba Movie Industry

I don’t think so, most of our directors and crew members are not keen about using pure talents


Weirdest message ever gotten from fans

Some fans have sent messages saying: “I will love to hold your boobs. Staring at them makes me ejaculate”. Very weird I must say.

Improvement in Nollywood

We need to go beyond looks and root for pure talents. We need to encourage role interpreters who didn’t cut corners, but came in through the right process.



Worst movie location experience

My worst location experience would be going to a location some years.

I spent seven days at the location without getting a role.


Growing spate of rape in Nigeria

 Rapists are meant to be castrated. Rape is a disaster. The Nigerian society is becoming more aware when it comes to matters relating to women’s development. Women are gradually speaking up, we now have the courage to share our truth.


Oral sex in marriage

If my husband asks for oral sex I would give it to him. Sex is not just about penetration. Oral sex is part of romance during lovemaking.




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