Why I titled my movie ‘Black bra’- Enitan Odugbemi


Big, buxom and beautiful Enita Odugbemi is a star to watch out for in the Yoruba movie industry.

Enitan has done many films that could pitch her shoulder to shoulder with some of the best talents in the industry.

The ‘Rado Lomo’ actress revealed why she titled her new movie ‘Black Bra’ in a chat with TheNewsGuru.

“The story of black bra is 90% historical I mean realistic and 10% fiction added. The title is real it exists in higher institutions and I want to say everyone has that inclination .It is not a fabricated title .It’s normal for people to try to guess what a movie is all about but the ability of the writer to give them a twist makes him/her a good writer. So let my lovely fans stay tuned”.



Explaining the challenges of being a mother, a wife and an actress, she said: ”it’s quite challenging I much say. But because I love my job I try to create balance. With understanding from both parties, we make things work out.”

Maintaining that she doesn’t intentionally flaunt her boobs as many are wont to think, she said: “Am I supposed to be wearing tuttle neck 24/7?I don’t dress to impress anyone. I dress for my comfort and satisfaction. And if it’s in a movie I do what’s necessary”.

Narrating some of the weirdest messages she has been sent by fans, Odugbemi said: ”A guy once sent me a message saying ‘Bae are those really boobs or blown balloons? If it’s real I don’t mind whatever it takes I want those. Name your price babe’. A fan sent me the message few weeks ago, I was just speechless”




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