I will always seek out ways to generate multiple streams of income- Kehinde Bankole


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Kehinde Bankole is one of the most sought after Nollywood actresses making waves at the moment.

The svelte soft spoken damsel has featured in a couple of movies which has also made her a household name.  Kenny Banks as she is fondly called by fans, has been able to prove her versatility as an actress and also wowed her fans with her stunning look and girl-next- door personality.


At the moment, the actress has joined the league of entertainers who have also diversified into business, creating another stream of income for themselves.

In a chat with TheNewsGuru, the award-winning ‘October 1st ‘actress opens up on her passion for business.

“I have always wanted to go into business because it’s always been a part of my background as I went through university .When I began my acting career, I had always had one business or the other by the side. I will always seek out a medium to express other sides and interests I have, generate multiple streams of income which is key and contribute my part to developing our growing economy”.


Speaking further, she reveals the inspiration behind her new line of business, ‘Kenny Banks Collection’


“When I met Gbenga Artsmith, his taste for excellence and attention to even the finest minute details was infectious and I was fortunate to pursue the ideas we talked on more and here we are today. It took 5 months to create the collection but I can tell you it took longer in the mind of the creative genius Gbenga Artsmith who has had to birth the ideas into excellent pieces from the very first day the idea was conceived till women are holding the pieces in their hands today”.


Asked If she would advise more celebrities to venture into business, she said:” Yes, if only if they are ready to present excellence and stay focused to give the business the dedication it will need”.




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