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I will soon release pictures of married women Iyanya slept with- Ubi Franklin


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The last is yet to be heard about the rift between former friends and business partners, Iyanya and Ubi Franklin.

The two men went their separate ways few years back and until now, have not been seen in company of each other. However, in a twist of events, the parties have decided to wash their dirty linen in public, revealing shocking details about their business relationship.

Iyanya had said on countless occasions that Ubi Franklin cheated on him. On the other hand, Franklin has debunked the claim by saying Iyanya was never interested in the business side of Made Men Music Group.

In a new interview with Native Magazine, Franklin has fired back at Iyanya, adding that ‘ the ‘Your Waist’ crooner sleeps with married women.


In his words:”Iyanya is a big liar. He has been saying it for many years that he is going to use Emma Nyra against me. I’m not going to speak about Emma Nyra unless she talks. We have a contract binding us not to say anything. Why didn’t he say on his interview that I beat up Emma Nyra?

“We didn’t agree. You see, Emma Nyra’s situation, I cannot say much about it because I am binded by contract not to say anything about our situation. I am not going to say anything about it. Because if I say anything about it, I have a legal suit that I’m going to pay 10 million naira. So, I’m not going to say anything about Emma Nyra. If she does, I’d have to collect 10 million because me and Emma Nyra don’t really have any problem. Even when she had the twins, we spoke. I even sent her a message. So, we don’t have problems. These problems are problems Iyanya is trying to create to hype himself up.

“Bro, I’d advise you not to. Because I would put out all the married women he slept with. Their pictures side by side for me. Bro I don’t want to talk. Because if you allow me to do that to him, I’d drag him through the whole of this country. I’m not scared of shit. What I want about this matter is for people to see clarity.  If Emma Nyra has issues she would come and say it herself. Emma Nyra is a mother now. I think her focus is different. And she even wouldn’t want to be involved in all this. I wish Iyanya was a father. If he was a father, most of these things he is saying he would not do it. When I kept watching his interviews I kept laughing. Bro, don’t let me do this to this to this guy”.



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