Is Uche Jombo telling us the truth?


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Fans grilled Uche Jombo when of late she removed her husband’s name from her Instagram handle. Her deafening silence led to more hearsays and speculations as to whether the mother of one isn’t experiencing a crisis in her five-year marriage to Kenney Rodriguez.

In her weak response, the filmmaker took to her Instagram page asserting that she is taking her family off social media and her fans should respect her decision.

According to her: “Good morning ujlovers. Been on it for a while through my posts but officially taking my family off social media from today. Please respect that! Thanks for understanding. Stop with the evil insinuations” she wrote.

No woman will intentionally delete her husband’s name from her social media handle without something eliciting that action. The more Jombo tries to shield her family from the public glare, the more dust is being raised, the more questions are being asked from both her fans and the media. That action tells us all is not well.



Now let’s flip to another page. There are unconfirmed reports that Uche’s husband who is based in Dallas, USA is allegedly dating a 22-year African-American student with the name Teresa. According to reports, the lovebirds have been spotted on romantic dates in Dallas.In addition, their starry-eyed pictures have been trending on social media leading to a myriad of speculations about her marriage.

Though Uche is yet to react to the recent intense rumour, but her fans are already expressing their sentiments on social media.

A certain Baebees says: “Nothing hurts more than a man cheating on you with a younger lady”

Ese Osa writes: “This is so sad, God will heal and mend your heart Uche”

“It is safe to say a majority of men deserve to be locked in a bottle.A man that wants to cheat will cheat, regardless of your body size and age.I still love my Uche Jombo” Adanma reveals

A certain Ibee says she  knew something  was wrong when Uche deleted her hubby’s name on Instagram

Hear her:  “I knew something was fishy when she removed his name. Why remove your husband name even if you don’t want your family on social media? It is well”


Adanma writes on Instagram: “I am speechless. This is sad.If this is true, I wouldn’t want this to happen to Uche’s marriage”.

Here is the question: Is Uche Jombo’s marriage about to hit the rocks? Did she delete her husband’s name because of the turbulence rocking her marriage? From the drumbeats we are hearing, we hope things are not about to fall apart.


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