I once kissed a man with mouth odour- Toby Grey

Toby Grey, born Tobiloba Mariam Adeyemi, who recently featured 9ice and Skales on her latest single ‘Konibaje’ has said she once kissed a man with mouth odour.

The budding Afro-pop singer noted that she didn’t know he has mouth odour. When asked If she can kiss  a man with mouth odour or work out on a record deal, she said in an interview with Broadway TV:”I have done that before, well in my own defense I didn’t know. I guess I could just do it again for the sake of not walking out on a record deal. It’s a tricky question though what if the deal is not good. Well, I will kiss him for 2 seconds and hope for the best”.

The talented damsel also revealed that she cannot date a man who earns less than N200,000.

Hear her:” I cannot date a man who earns less than N200,000. If that is not his only business I can date him, if not It cannot work. I am not materialistic, but if we are going to give birth to 10 children , your 200,000 won’t cut it”.

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