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Kudos, knocks as Otedola boards ‘Molue’


Nigerian billionaire and business mogul, Femi Otedola was recently spotted in a commercial bus popularly known as ‘Molue’.

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‘Molue’ is known for the unusual way of conveying jam-packed passengers to their various destinations.Usually in a ‘Molue’ bus, you have more people standing than people sitting.


Though Otedola did not tell his Instagram followers his reason for boarding ‘Molue’, the video has generated a lot of engagement and views on his Instagram page.


“Recently took a ride on the Molue from Sango to Agege,” he wrote on his Instagram page where he shared the video.


In the video, Otedola  sat in an unassertive manner, while a passenger/trader is seen selling her product. However, the video which has over 104,000 views has sparked a myriad of reaction from Nigerians on social media.


Recently took a ride on the Molue from Sango to Agege ? … F.Ote?

A post shared by Femi Ote? (@femiotedola) on


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Read the comments below

@Oye: This is publicity stunt… It was staged and everyone in the bus are part of the crew… Stop spreading lies

@Lekan: He want to redefine Lagos transport service. Am sure he will be compare Lagos and UK Molue ? operation.. guess he want to contest for Commissioner for transport ??

@Wilsonx: He now sat where the woman is marketing. Please when is this nollywood movie coming out

@Grace: Election don dey reach nau , all man dey form loyal now , Nigerians pls don’t fall for it ..DAT was how during buhari’s time he was carrying broom around like a native doctor

@Mark: Baba Leave Government money for us , this one be like say baba don enter Politics full time

@Jumoke: Hope he paid for everyone’s trip



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