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There is a lot to BBNaija than the immorality people talk about- Bimbo Thomas

bimbo thomas

For  leading actress, Bimbo Thomas, Big Brother Naija adds value beyond the immoral show conservatives perceive it to be. She expressed satisfaction with the reality show. In a chat with TheNewsGuru, the talented actress said the show isn’t as bad as people perceive it to be.

“Though BBNaija has been going on for a while now, but I became a fan from last year’s edition. I can say there is a lot to the show than the immorality people talk about. The show isn’t as bad as people perceive it to be. My opinion is that the organization behind BBNaija is focused on building the talents of young Nigerians. Anyone who uses the platform can become great from there”.

Keep Naira clean


Following the trend of celebrity breakups in recent times, Thomas noted that celebrities need to learn how to maintain balance when it comes to avoiding marital crisis.

“Keeping one’s home takes a whole lot and above all God has to be the captain of that ship. It is important. We need to really learn how to balance being a wife, husband and all other activities outside our home”.

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BBNaija consistently passed messages to the youths-Tobi, BBNaija 2018 finalist

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