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Music pays more than movies in Nigeria- Reminisce


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Pop star, Remilekun Safaru, aka Reminisce, is one of the most popular rappers in the country.

The self-proclaimed Alaga Ibile who recently starred in the trending movie ‘King of Boyz ‘ noted that music pays more than movies in Nigeria.

Speaking in a chat with Hip TV, Reminisce said: ”It’s difficult to engage musicians except they just want to do it for love or support. It’s beginning to happen because we are having a lot of big budget productions in the movie world, so you guys will get to see a lot of musicians “.


When asked why most musicians prefer to release singles than albums, he said  albums don’t have financial rewards.

“It’s now a singles market in the Nigerian music industry . Releasing an album is more like trying to satisfy your fans more than the financial rewards. The attention span keeps decreasing so you cannot put out a 17 track album anymore, it doesn’t make sense.

“Everything has gone digital right now so the artiste that makes more money are the ones who have a huge fan base in the diaspora, people who can afford internet.Everything has changed, we are no longer in the era of CDS. You do your calculations and focus on releasing four singles and four videos rather than releasing 16 tracks for an album when you know you are going to release 4 videos. People are probably going to buy the four songs you shot videos for. It is not really profitable as it used to be”.


Rapper Reminisce shares secret behind his success

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