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My new TV series is inspired by social media- Amanda Ebeye


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Prolific actress and filmmaker, Amada Ebeye is presently on the set of her much anticipated TV series, ’It’s a crazy world’.

In  a chat with TheNewsGuru, the ‘Weeping Tiger’ actress who has featured in several soap-operas noted that her TV series is inspired by social media

“The general message of ‘It’s a crazy world’  is that we are tackling issues that deal with the use of social media. Social media is an amazing thing and has made many people rich, but also destroying a lot of people that don’t know how to use it.People feel intimidated a lot on social media thinking other people are better than them, because of the pictures that they see. The major thing I tell people is that you see a picture of a person smiling on social media you don’t know if the person cried before posting that picture”.


Speaking further, she shared her thoughts on the inspiration behind the title of the TV series.

“I decided to go for the title because of the content of what I am shooting .It’s a comedy which has a lot of competition, struggles, it’s  funny and at the same time has so much people can learn from and it touches so many aspects of life. ‘It’s a crazy world’ just digs into people’s personal lives and puts it out there on the screen for you to see what happens when they are not smiling on social media. Before you say someone is better than you try and know about the person’s personal life”.


Ebeye noted that If she isn’t an actress, she might not be as active and engaging as she is on social media.

“I am on social media all the time, I am an actress so it’s a very important tool for me, but If I wasn’t an actress I ask myself ‘Would I really be on social media’ because I am an extremely private person? Even to post my pictures on Instagram at times can be a lot of work. Right now it’s a competition on social media, you see people who are not actors, actresses or musicians, but are celebrities”.







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