It would be nice to be in a stable relationship- Waje declares


Award winning Nigerian singer, Waje has declared that she would love to be in a stable relationship. The beautiful songstress noted that her busy schedules has hampered the relationship department of her life.

In a chat with  Tush Magazine, she revealed that it would be nice to know what it feels like to be in a stable relationship.

Hear her:” Let me be honest with you, it would be nice to be in a stable relationship. It would be nice to know what that feels like. Sometimes maybe because of my job, it’s not like I don’t go on dates, but sometimes I get busy. And at a time where I don’t get busy I now want my space. So it would be nice to balance that side of my life. I think that would be nice.”

Back in 2017, Waje said she would have ended up as a prostitute living in the slum with no hope of tomorrow and waiting to be killed by the next sexually transmitted disease, STD, she would have contracted as a result of exchanging her body for money.

She took to her Instagram page to recount her life experience while sharing her #freedom story.

“I could have been that commercial sex worker with no hope for the future, living in the slum and wondering if the next STD I contract would end my life. But because of the opportunity given to me, I have become an award winning vocalist and songwriter and a voice for generations, leaving an indelible mark in the music industry and my country. This is #MyFreedomStory . Together we can transform more lives in our communities,” she wrote.


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