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Nigeria @56- Nigerian Entertainers Lament


tng-indAs Nigeria celebrates her independence as a country, notable Nigerian entertainers speak on the state of the nation. They express their dissatisfaction on how Nigeria has fared in 56 years.

2face Idibia- Musician/ Entertainment Entrepreneur

2face-idibiaAfrican queen crooner, 2face Iidbia writes on Instagram:”Happy Independence Day Nigeria. May we share this national cake fairly and judiciously my people. May we cooperate and behave ourselves and quench all spirit of greed in our system. God bless Nigeria my country”

Bose Alao Omotoyossi- Actress and Film-maker

bose-alaoDelectable mother of four, Bose Alao Omotoyosi in a chat with The News Guru says:“At 56, we lack unity as far as I am concerned. The government is trying to make the country become better, but  some individuals are making it ungovernable.I am not in support of any political party but  I love my country  and I think we need to join hands  to make this country great. For example, piracy has eaten deep into the entertainment industry. We need to curb piracy. Any government that invests in the entertainment industry will improve the economy”.


Don Jazzy-Music producer, leader Mavin Records

don-jazzy-bin-1Serial hit maker and music producer, Don Jazzy took time to express himself on the state of the nation. In his note posted on his Instagram page, he counsels young Nigerians to contribute their own quota to nation building.

According to him:”If truth must be told, to get to the Promised Land, we all have our different roles to play in the project Nigeria. Most especially the youths, because we are the leaders of tomorrow. While that might sound like a cliche, yet I foresee a Nigeria where the youths would be taking over the mantle of leadership in the nearest future. So let us all begin to shun vices of any kind and embrace all that is virtuous. Because that is the surest way we can prepare for the task ahead.

As an entertainer who has mixed and worked with fellow artistes from virtually every region in the country, I make bold to say that our unity lies strongly in our diversity. And the more we see ourselves as brothers and sisters, the better for us all. And just like in Supreme Mavin Dynasty where we operate with the philosophy that everyone is borne with a unique talent, if you play your part in the nation building in the area where you are unique and I play mine too, you can imagine the result we would get at the end of the day.

Moreover, for project Nigeria to work the way we want, multiple projects need to take place simultaneously in ICT, Health Care, Education, Tourism, Media, Entertainment, and so on in order to open up the goldmines within. I want use this opportunity to call on the Government, NGOs and Corporate Bodies to come together in ensuring that we take this our beloved country to greater heights. We only need to work at it and things would start falling into place in due course. I am very hopeful of that.

UBA Wise savers

Finally, I pray that by this time next year, Nigeria would have some milestones to celebrate”

Doris Simeon- Award- winning actress


Beautiful actress, Doris Simeon isn’t happy about what we have achieved so far as a nation.

In her words:Nigerians are not happy with what is going on in the country right now. We are not happy at all. I think it would be so sad and crazy if our government celebrates the independence in an elaborate way. What are they celebrating? Our foolery? Nobody is happy. They say a fool at 40 is a fool forever and we are 56 years old. Are we not a fool forever already? Things are very bad in the country and it is so sad. We are not happy and that is the simple truth. There is nothing worth celebrating in Nigeria at the moment. In fact, instead of celebrating the independence, I would advise Nigerians to embark on a dry fast all through today and pray to God because at this point, it is only God that can save us. While growing up they always said, ‘Nigeria go better,’ now we are grown up and have children and we are still saying the same thing. When would things be better in this country? They say the children are the future leaders of tomorrow, yet there is no room for the youths to lead; they refuse to give the youths a chance to serve. It is crazy.”


Yetunde Bakare- Actress and Movie producer

yetundeYetunde Bakare, without doubts, is one of the actresses to watch out for in the Yoruba movie industry. With movies like Ajobi, Alani Baba Labake, Omo Olodo, Awa Okunrin, Awolu Goes to School, Amisu to name a few, the talented actress is gradually rising to become a strong force in the Yoruba  movie sector.


In  a chat with The New Guru, she laments on the dire condition of the nation . She says:” The government needs to improve in all aspect because nothing seems to be working. Projects are not executed, contracts are not awarded so there is an increase in unemployment .Everything is just stagnant, the economy is worse.Piracy is getting worse.Even if the so called pirates decide to stop, they have no option out there so they continue because they can’t find another job. People desire to watch our movies but most of them cannot afford to that anymore.The only option left will be to patronize the pirates.People are suffering in silence.”


Belinda Effah- Award-winning actress

belindaPopular actress, Belinda Effah has been posting on instagram colourful pictures of herself clad in the Nigerian national colours, Green-White- Green.

The Apaye star  whose knack for excellent role interpretations has made her a force to reckon with, took to her instagram page to express what she feels about Nigeria at 56.

Hear her:” We have  been Independent for several years, yet still dependent .Its time to break out from the norm and turn to God to lead us” she advises


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