In Nigeria fans don’t expect celebrities to be rich- Erica Nlewedim


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Erica Nlewedim’s beauty is undeniable. That is probably the first thing you notice about her. Her childlike innocence and amiable persona wins you over immediately you meet her.

In this chat with TheNewsGuru, the rising actress and model tells the compelling tale of how she fell in love with modelling and acting.



Have you always wanted to be an actress?

Yes I have always wanted to be a model and an actress and I’m glad I’m living my dreams



What was your first one screen experience like?

My first on screen experience was a TV commercial for Airtel. I played the role of a reporter! I loved it and I couldn’t wait to act in a proper movie or series .My first acting job was in a series called ‘Secrets and scandals’ produced by Elvis chucks. I was so excited! I know I did a great job because I was told I increased the ratings.


How did you transit from the modelling world into Nollywood?

I still act and model but I got into the acting industry after I participated in the Most beautiful girl in Nigeria pageant, I got to meet a lot of people and I kept telling everyone I wanted to be an actress. I got introduced to some actors and I went on set to see how it’s done .After that, I started going for auditions and I got my first role.




Ivy League 300 x 250 (2)

How do you feel when people focus on your beauty rather than on your talent?


I don’t feel any type of way when people focus more on my beauty than my talent because it is something I have gotten used to. I just have to work hard and smart and then my talent does the talking .People are usually pleasantly surprised, I always hear them say :’Wow you’re really smart I didn’t expect that from you ‘



Were you parents supportive when you started out?

My parents were supportive of my dreams but they warned me to always have another business because the pay is not so great in the industry .



What is that one role you dream to play?

The one role I would absolutely love to play is the villain in an action movie, don’t let my face fool you I’m a very tough girl and I’d love to show people that I can play that type of role perfectly.


What is that one thing you don’t like about Nollywood at the moment?

One thing I don’t like about Nollywood at the moment is that we don’t have enough money in the industry compared to other developing and developed countries. If we get enough funding from the Federal government, the quality of movies will improve, the pay will be more and our celebrities will be as rich as our counterparts in developed countries. Here if a celebrity buys a house the fans start to spread rumours that it is ill gotten money, they don’t expect our celebrities to be rich.



Do you feel comfortable with playing sensual roles?

I feel comfortable playing sensual roles if the storyline is fantastic and the movie teaches something


Can you date an entertainer?

Never say never, I’d prefer to not date an entertainer but you never know what the future holds



What is your take on the current pants for rituals trend?


My take on the current pants for ritual trend is that the people involved only think of now, it’s like they forget that everyone always faces the consequences of their actions, they will definitely pay for their wrongs, I advise them to look for other ways to get money even if there’s no job, there’re plenty problems in Nigeria currently, search for the problem you can solve and people will pay you to solve it


What makes you cry?

What makes me cry is the feeling of betrayal; I pray I don’t cry in Jesus name.

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