Nigerians are hypocritical when it comes to nudity- Marvelous Dominion


Beautiful Marvelous Dominion may not yet be a household name in Nollywood, but the talented sultry role interpreter has what it takes to thrive in the make-believe industry.


Marvelous who has a degree in Contemporary Performing Arts at Oxford Brookes University said Nigerians are hypocritical about nudity.

 In a chat with TheNewsGuru, she said: “It’s a sad thing that Nigerians are hypocritical when it comes to nudity”.


Speaking further  Marvelous who relocated to Nigeria at the age of 16 said: “Nudity in art has always been a topic which people are bias about. While some believe nudity in art is sinful and offensive, artists- me inclusive believe it is a way of expressing the most natural beauty. Stemming from the bible, nudity in art’s origin were dramatic depictions of the early bible book Genesis. Artists saw an artistic quality about the story of Adam and Eve”.


Asked if Nigerian men are romantic, she said: “Yes, I think they are but it depends on where you meet them .There are Nigerians and there are proper Nigerian men”.


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