Nigerians slam Seyi Law over marriage crash joke


There are few things that can compare with the ecstatic feeling of being in love. In fact, that feeling gets to the peak when it snowballs into an affair. And of course, marriage seems like the icing on the cake for such persons.

But sometimes, beyond the initial excitement, happy marriages soon run into troubled waters due to the actions and inactions of one of both partners.

When Nigerian comedian, Seyi Law announced on Saturday night that his marriage has hit the rocks, many of his fans were stunned and sad.

Unknown to them , It was only a ploy for the comedian to get fans attention for his forthcoming show.

Debunking his earlier statement, he wrote: “Human beings love bad news sha.
I have been promoting my shows since very few talks. Abegi, I dey UK for media rounds.
My wife and I are intact. Kai, people can’t even read between the lines. I said PATH WAY not part way. My Ex – wife, abeg which one.
Please help me spread this one like the fake news. I need to sell tickets. I am sorry the joke is too expensive”.

His joke didn’t go down well with some of his fan as they took to the comment section of his post to throw jabs at him.








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