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There is no love in the Nigerian entertainment industry- AY.com

Ayoola Johnson aka Ay.com became a household name in 2009 after the release of his hit single, ‘Pass me your love’ which featured Terry G.

Fast forward to 2019, the Afro-pop singer isn’t as vibrant as he used to be in the Nigerian music scene.

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In a chat with Punch, the singer said there is no love in the  industry .


“The reason why a lot of people are dying due to depression is because they have no one to talk to; most of them are afraid of people gossiping about them. A colleague of mine relocated to America because a conversation about him and his wife leaked on a blog.

“After this, everybody castigated him for not being able to handle his home. It was one of his friends who his wife was chatting with that leaked the chat on the blog.

“The late DJ was not really my close friend, but each time we saw each other, there was always a big smile on his face. I wish he had the opportunity to talk to me, I would have motivated him. I guess he was afraid to speak up because of fear of being neglected. There is no love in the industry,” he said.

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Ay.com also stated that the reason he hasn’t been active in the industry is because he had to focus on taking care of his family.


“I got married after my first album; I was a bit distracted. I was a young man when I got married; I got married at the age of 25. My wife and I attended the same secondary school, we were both young people who were in love and we had the opportunity to get married. I have produced more songs after that, but the industry is messed up now. I’m not desperate about music. I am doing music for the passion.

“My son will be eight years old soon, my wife got pregnant almost immediately after we got married, she was a young girl and I had to be there for her. Some of the guys that make waves in the industry have given 100 per cent of their life to their career.

“Most of them who are reigning in the industry today are baby fathers. A lot of them don’t even have time for their children. I was caring for my family, so I had little time for my music. It took me time to get myself together, and now that I am ready for music, the competition is very high. I just try to do music because I am passionate about it. It’s worth it at the end of it all, I have no regrets”.

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