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It is not right for a lady to propose to a man- Emmanuel Ikubese


Outspoken Nollywood actor and model, Emmanuel Ikubese has said it is wrong for a woman to propose to a man. The former Mr Nigeria noted that ladies should refrain from turning the bible upside down. He urged ladies to allow the men propose to them, no matter how desperate they become.

Hear him: “I do not think it is right for a lady to propose to a man common on , If you propose to a man, are you going to go see his parents  and pray the bride price or groom price? Ladies shouldn’t turn the bible upside down. Ladies let your man find you, propose to you, take you to his parents.

“A lady cannot propose to me, it can’t happen, except she wants to propose to be my friend. Things like that happen when a lady doesn’t know where the relationship is heading. When she knows where you stand, she knows you will make that move”



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