Oprah, Jay Z, Kylie Jenner, others dominate ‘Forbes Richest List’


Forbes has released it’s yearly richest celebrities list and it has generated mixed social media reactions.

In this list, Star Wars takes the lead as its creator George Lucas tops with $5.4 billion (N1,971,000,000,000).

According to Forbes, It is largely linked to the sale of his Lucas film production to Disney for $4.1 billion (N1,496,500,000,000) in 2012.

Second in line is filmmaker, Steven Spielberg ($3.7 billion- N1,350,500,000,000) and media mogul Oprah ($2.8 billion- N1,022,000,000,000) coming in third place.

Michael Jordan is ranked fourth with $1.7 (N620,500,000,000) billion all thanks to his $400 million net worth from his sneakers, his “90% stake in Charlotte Hornets and His stake in the basketball team is valued at an estimated $800 million”.

America’s wealthiest celebrities have a combined wealth of the $18.7 (N6,825,500,000,000) billion.

To arrive at the list, Forbes used several assets and was limited to “American citizens who got rich off their fame”.

See the list below:

  1. George Lucas

Net worth: $5.4 billion ((N1,971,000,000,000)

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  1. Steven Spielberg

$3.7 billion (N1,350,500,000,000)

  1. Oprah Winfrey

$2.8 billion (N1,022,000,000,000)

  1. Michael Jordan

$1.7 billion (N620,500,000,000)

  1. (tie) Kylie Jenner

$900 million (N328,500,000,000)

  1. (tie) Jay-Z

$900 million (N328,500,000,000)

  1. David Copperfield

$875 million (N319,375,000,000)

  1. Diddy

$825 million (N301,125,000,000)

  1. (tie) Tiger Woods

$800 million (N292,000,000,000)

  1. (tie) James Patterson

$800 million (N292,000,000,000)


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