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Run away from men that want to lure you to bed- Olive Utalor


Budding actress, Olive Utalor has urged women to be careful during this period of self-isolation and social distancing due to coronavirus pandemic.


The svelte role interpreter noted that this moment should be an opportunity for married couples to mend every crack in their relationships, while single ladies should draw closer to God.


Speaking in a chat with The Sun, she said:”This stay-at-home period is actually a blessing for married women, because this is what they have always prayed for, to have their husbands all to themselves. No more hanging out late, no night clubs and parties. A lot of women will be happy to have their husbands around. Marriages would wax stronger during this period, while side chicks will be lonely.

“I want to advise young girls out there to steer clear of any man that wants to lure them to bed with food and constant electricity. You better flee because it is a trap to get pregnant. This (isolation) period is not for sex but to draw closer to God,” she posited.

On how she plans to cope staying lonely at home throughout the isolation period, the single actress noted that she has devised a means to keep herself warm and busy.

“I don’t do sex toys. My bed is wide enough and my fridge is well stocked with foodstuff. All I do is eat, read, sleep and watch movies. It is a period of rest, my dear. This is really end time, so we all have to be careful. I don’t feel bad that I don’t have a man. I have been able to focus my energy on bigger things that are more yielding. A man will definitely come at God’s time. I am not rushing it,” she said.


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