Saving up enough money to exit the country has now become the Nigerian dream- Runtown


Douglas Jack Agu better known as Runtown needs no introduction in the Nigerian music industry.

The ‘Mad over you’ star in an article has lamented over the miserable state of the nation, stating that the Nigerian dream is saving up enough money to exit the country.


In his words:” Imperative for incoming leaders, both elected and appointed, to note is that there is a hanging duty to deflate the rising tension that stems from police brutality and an urgent need to make Nigeria livable for the youth. As it appears, saving up enough money to exit the country has now become the Nigerian dream. It has been said that the country loses a worrisome number of doctors to the UK, US and Canada every year and what’s worse is that the Nigerian healthcare system is in dire need of doctors”.


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The celebrated entertainer who was formerly signed on to Eric Manny Entertainment   also stated that the country is no longer safe for young people as a result of being harassed by police operatives.

In his words:” My heart has recently been replete with rumblings as a result of fear. Fear for my safety and perhaps more intense, the fear of losing a loved one to what has now become an unceasing demonstration of negligence by some officers of the Nigerian Police Force.

“As a young Nigerian who very well fits the description of what members of the now controversial anti-cultism/robbery unit of the police force, SARS (known for perpetuating this menace) consider a target, I occasionally feel uneasy. I am a player in the country’s entertainment sector and the nature of my job causes me to appear “unconventional”. My hair is sometimes braided and sometimes blown out. Many times, I move around with a laptop, ride in a fancy car and yes, I own an iPhone which according to several victim/witness reports, makes me an instant suspect to the police”.





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