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Spirituality can’t stop me from kissing – Belinda Effah


Celebrities are often one of the most misjudged humans on the face of the earth. Nollywood actress, Belinda Effah who has declared that she is staunch Christian recently stated that her Christian values won’t impede her from kissing in movies. She added that  she would kiss n a movie, If its a good story.


She made this revelation in a chat with newsmen.


Hear her:”I’m an actress, so that I’m spiritual doesn’t mean I can’t kiss in movies. If it’s a good story, then why won’t I kiss to tell the story well? The character might start as a bad person who later turned good. That’s a good story line. Everything or everyone mustn’t come out clean. As long as someone is employing me to play a role, because they know I can do the job, then people expects me to turn the job down because I am spiritual? In this industry that once you reject a job, thousands others are willing to grab it. I also have to show my professionalism.


“ Some doctors have to do something to protect their career, but they can’t come out and say it. But all eyes are on actors, people judge every move we make. Sorry to disappoint you people, if I have to kiss in a movie, I’ll do it well because I am a professional. I can kiss but I can’t do nudity because that’s like the extreme”


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