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Gorgeous birthday pictures of actress, Mercy Macjoe lights up social media


Stunning Nollywood actress and Chief Executive Officer of Beauty by Macjoe lashes  on Thursday sent the social media ablaze with gorgeous birthday pictures of herself in several poses.


It wasn’t much of a surprise when avalanche of drooling comments greeted the pictorial post.

“A Queen was Born this Day in 1993👑 She’s Young, Grown, Passionate & Ambitious✊🏽
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME”, she wrote on Instagram.



The Economics graduate of University of Ibadan has featured in movies like ‘Return of the boss lady, ‘Taste of love’ ‘Toxic lips’ ‘The blame game’ among others.


The beautiful actress in an interview once revealed that she had to hawk oranges for survival.

“I didn’t have all the opportunities when I was growing up. I grew up with my mum. I lost my dad at a very young age so it was just my mum who took care of me and my other siblings. I am the sixth in a family of eight. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth; I had to do so many things to survive. I assisted my mum in her buying and selling business. I sold so many things with my mum. I remember selling oranges and some other things with my mum. I am proud to say it now because the story is different now. I hawked oranges and some other things, helping my mum and siblings to survive. I am always proud to say it because it was in the past and I can’t sell oranges now”


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