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Theatre expert condemns indiscipline among artistes


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A Professor of Theatre Arts, Bakare Ojo, has condemned indiscipline and lack of self control among some theatre practitioners.

Bakare is a theatre expert and Dean, School of Postgraduate Studies, Federal University, Oye-Ekiti.

He told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that immorality should not become habit eas a result of being in the entertainment sector.

“As a professor, I would not prescribe a particular way of life to my students, because every individual is unique on their own.

“But there are borders that should not be crossed in the process of being unique.

“Whatever you know the society appalls should not be done,” he said.

The dance expert said that human beings were made to have a conscience which should be an anchor for everything they did.

“Whatever the conscience of the society rejects should be rejected in your conducts.

“I tell my students this everytime not because I have the right to tutor them, but because I have gathered enough experience in the field.

He added that the end products of artistes were consumed by the society which in turn impacted them negatively or positively.

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“No matter how radical you may want to be, the society is the final consumer of your act.

“If the society rejects what you have to offer, know that it’s going to affect the art you’re trying to create,” he said.

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