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There is a lot of  unhealthy competition in the music industry- Seyi Shay


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For years, Nigerian songstress Seyi Shay has brought smiles to the faces of her teeming fans. The ‘Gimme Love’ singer has won awards, headline shows and released hit songs.


However, the singer who relocated from London to Lagos over six years ago has said there is a lot of competition in the music industry.She made this known in a chat with Pulseng.


“There is a lot of competition in the industry, healthy and unhealthy. There are some people that do not want…you know…how do I put this in a very nice way, there are some people that want other people talents to outshine them. So in an industry that is very competitive, you are always going to get the whole knocking, blocking, stopping…do you understand? Those things are there in the industry, especially in my industry. Sometimes it’s also about the team you have around you.


“So as I said, I have been out here for about six years and I have a couple of good managers and a couple of not so good managers but anytime you make one mistake, it kind of sets you back a little bit and that’s a problem. And I just feel like generally, timing is everything and it’s my time now. I just feel that there is a time and a season and even if the world says no and God says yes, then that is it. I’m ready now… I feel like if things had happened then, some people won’t be able to handle it and maybe even me”.


Speaking further, the singer whose  EP ‘Electric Package’ is making waves  across the country said she is personally fulfilled because everything she has put out there has been new and fresh.


“But I personally feel fulfilled because everything I have put out or release has been new and fresh…do you understand? And I’m really proud of myself for that. What happens tomorrow, next week, next year, where I go next, I really can’t say for now. All I know is that my team is stronger, I feel more positive, happier, much more sure of myself. For once I know the potential of everything I plan for 2019 happening is more sure…do you understand? As opposed to before when I was just shooting in the dark. Because being an independent artist and not having the team and the numbers and…you know…some people are in camps that have a super producer, super this or super that, it’s just me. Seyi Shay is just me and my guys and now Acetune. Its never been easy but I have enjoyed the ride,” she said.


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