Trouble looms as Lizzy Jay accuses Abbey Jomo of sexual assault


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Actress and comedienne, Lizzy Jay has called out filmmaker Abiodun Jimoh a.k.a  Abbey Jomo, over sexually assaulting her.

She wrote in her Instastories: “you sexually abused me and you do this to many people’s daughters while you instil fear in them not to speak out. Will you be happy if anyone sexually abused your daughter?”


In his reaction, Jimoh has threatened to sue the actress If she refuses to retract her statements.

“RAPE and ATTEMPT TO RAPE are two serious allegations that should never be trivialised because the real victims are out there and they need help and people’s voice. Lizzy you don’t have to work with me to be successful in life, neither do I have to work with you to be great.

If I say I can’t work with you in my team anymore, that doesn’t mean you should take your bitterness to this level. You can move on my dear and you can do great. You threw all cautions to the wind and mention my name publicly in a slander.

Lizzy, you have a father, you have a brother, how would you feel if someone did this to them? I’ve got my family and people who look up to me. I have a file on every single publications you’ve made with my name in it but I’ll still stretch out this hand of alternative resolution, asking you to retract and apologise”.



The young actress fired back at him, saying: “Contrary to your post that you claim you said you don’t want me anymore in you team.. Well that is a lie, because I LEFT YOUR TEAM MYSELF
I left because I know of your atrocities, I left because I couldn’t deal with your selfishness anymore!
Moreover Mr AbeyJomo, I have made my name before I ever met you, so why will I ever be bitter against you? Please sir, say something else!
I’ve worked with many brands before I ever met you, so what is the reason for the bitterness?


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