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Ugly girls give the best oral sex-Lorraine Lionheart


Outspoken curvy and sexy Botswana singer, Lorraine Lionheart, who was part of the just concluded Felabration in Lagos has caused a stir with the recent episode of her sex oriented podcast.

The sensual mother of one in the no-holds- barred episode said ‘If you are ugly learn to be good at sex’.

Keep Naira clean

Explaining the inspiration behind the provocative episode of her Tasso Podcast, she said:” This episode is inspired by a Zimbabwean proverb that says ‘If you are ugly you must either dance or learn how to make love. Our ancestors knew better so don’t shoot the messenger .If you are ugly learn to be good at sex at least. Every bit of you is an asset there is no part of you that is a mistake. I don’t think there are ugly women; every woman is beautiful to a certain guy”, she stated.


Speaking further, she gave some tips on how to get better at oral sex:” You get better at oral sex by exercising your jaws. Don’t write people off because they are ugly, you might be missing out of the best oral sex of your life”.

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Lorraine also revealed the kind of men stimulate her sexually.

“I get turned on by guys who are builders.  Their hands are usually strong , rough and masculine”.



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