‘My viral engagement picture is a joke’-Etinosa


Etinosa debunks engagement rumour

Etinosa Idemudia, Nigerian comedienne and actress stunned many of her fans when she proposed to a colleague of hers,  Bucci Franklin. The popular Instagram comedienne posted a photo of herself bending on one knee with a box before a surprised Bucci Franklin on her Instagram page.

The caption attached to the supposed wedding proposal read: “About last night. Not everytime wait for bae to propose. Sometimes take the bull by the horn. I was so nervous but he said yes!”. Several reactions trailed the post . While some condemned her action , others encouraged her.

However in a recent chat with Tribune, the vulnerably beautiful entertainer said the proposal was a planned joke, calling it a spoof.

She said, “I am a comedian. It is a spoof.”

The dictionary describes a spoof as a humorous imitation of something, typically a film in which characteristic features are exaggerated for comic effect” according a dictionary definition.

Spoof or not , Etinosa succeeded in deceiving her fans.


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