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Being a virgin hasn’t been easy for me- Purfcie Conna


Curvy Ghanaian actress, Purfcie Conna who once told TheNewsGuru in a chat that she can cope in a sexless relationship has revealed that she is a virgin.

The light skinned damsel who had said she doesn’t support premarital sex in an interview with our correspondent wrote on Instagram: “Being a virgin hasn’t been easy for me, temptations everywhere”.

Many of her fans didn’t believe her statement, judging from the comment section of her Instagram post.

“This type of bum, virgin? It’s like saying Tonto Dikeh has never given a head before. Absolutely impossible,” one fan wrote bewildered.

TheNewsGuru recalls that the actress once shared her thoughts on premarital sex.

“For someone that was body-shamed growing up, I choose to educate rather than put down and judge others. I don’t support casual sex and I don’t encourage it. But to all those doing it, please, use a condom. Protect yourself. The world is a scary place. Protect yourself.”

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