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Why I forgave Toyin Abraham- Yomi Fabiyi


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Yomi Fabiyi shocked his fans recently  on his Instagram page when he declared that he has forgiven his colleague, Toyin Abraham. The filmmaker also added that  he has also forgiven a certain Eunice Omosalewa Eniola Lawal, who had accused him of sexual harassment.

In a chat with Punch, Fabiyi revealed that he would not disclose the details of his rift with Abraham because it would amount to ‘scratching an old wound’.

“I have decided to forgive and let go and I would not want to scratch old wounds. If I start going into details as to what transpired between Toyin Abraham and me, it would mean that I want to scratch the old wounds. I have forgiven her and the apology is secondary but what I am offering is forgiveness and peace. I am doing that for myself and what I represent, which is peace and tranquility.

“It is not about Toyin accepting my apology and I leave everybody to their conscience. As for me, my conscience is my police and I believe in the court of conscience; I judge myself based on my conscience. I have done what I think is right and I have traded my sorrows, my pain and my loss by forgiving (her). I forgive the lady that tried to tarnish my image by saying I sexually harassed her; I also forgive Instablog because I was supposed to continue the court case on January 19, but I just feel that I have a bigger task ahead of me because these are the only things distracting me and it is trying to block my talent and progress.

“It is good to fight for justice and when you get it, you would be at peace but when you forgive, you would be at peace with yourself and gain so many things. Peace is something that we all need all over the world.

“I have been through a lot of setbacks due to betrayal, I would not want to go into the details but I forgive every one that was involved in it. I just want to let it go, I do not want to feel any pain again. I don’t want the thoughts coming into my mind again and that is why I want to forgive; this makes everything heal faster. If you forgive, it is very fulfilling,” he said.


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