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Nigerians attack Orezi over burning Naira


Nigerian singer, Esegine Allen, more popularly known as Orezi is one artiste who uses controversy as a leverage to create attention for his music.

On Thursday, the singer posted a  photo of himself burning a one thousand Naira note. Nigerians have however taken to their social media platforms to condemn the act.

The ‘Ijo Shoki’ crooner shared the photo as artwork to promote a new single of his on his verified Instagram handle .

Nigerians however don’t see the connection between the song and the burnt naira note.

He captioned the picture: “Born broke, die rich”

Read the reactions below:

@Turblisswealths: You are burning Nigerian currency as if is paper, you will now tell people to respect Nigeria😒😒

official_my_creations_my_joy: But you shouldn’t do that even if it’s art. It means you are abusing our currency, just a suggestion though.

iam_elninoo: @oreziworldwide Artistic or not you dey portray say you dey burn money and it’s a bad message to your fans and young folks out there #fact 💪

diplawmatik: I know you are looking for free publicity But you no try on this one. Condemnation and distraction nah him you dey write letter to…so childish. I just pity you.

bolanleakinkuade: Don’t burn naira no matter what….if you burn $100 in America you go to jail.

fidel.bob: Rubbish, you want attention now you get it,

chriskryse: I no understand again oh 👉👉shey Photoshop na crime for this country ni?… 9ja with their too much energy self!!!

keishdiamond: Your politicians and fake pastors are stealing billions from your nation but you will go to their social media pages to be praising and hailing them, Orezi post one pic of him burning FAKE N1000 note and you guys want to crucify him!? Nigeria, are you guys for real? Are you people serious? Stop being petty, It’s just art abeg get over it. Msteeeeww all of a sudden everyone is patriotic, meanwhile two minutes ago you were insulting and whining about the country and how you want to go to “the abroad” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

officialotega: @oreziworldwide now this is savage 😂😂😂😂😂😂

kvnsmcc: That’s an artistic paper, why are you all getting mad?

elrapheeeq:  Even if they have it and can do it, nobody online here has verified if it’s real or fake, but we should give them benefit of the doubt and be positive about it. People are so pessimistic that they won’t even look at the positives.


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