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8 Relationship tips you need to boost your love life

Sometimes the key to having a happy and healthy relationship is to ignore all that relationship advice out there! After all no two relationships are ever the same because we come in different shapes and personalities. Even when the cliché tips you’ve heard a million times from friends, family, or women’s magazines don’t apply to your particular situation, there might be some universal truths about relationships, but there’s rarely a one-size-fits-all prescription for a given couple or situation.

Also, we all learn a lot about what makes a relationship work best by being in one and taking things as they comes.

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So, here are 8 pieces of relationship advice you likely never hear, but should definitely know.

It’s Actually OK to Go to Bed Angry

Sometimes you just might be too tired or stressed to talk about a sensitive issue or work out a fight at the end of a long day—and that’s OK. In fact, often getting some sleep will make it easier for you to have an important conversation. This doesn’t mean yelling at them or getting a last verbal attack in and then shutting down. It means letting your partner know that you will return to the issue when you’re ready the next day and reassuring them how much you love them and/or how much you care about them and the relationship.” Don’t make the fight bigger than the relationship!

Just Love Isn’t Enough

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It’s not just about love—it’s about connection. Connection is what pulls love along with you wherever you go. We can indeed pile an entire amazing life into the cart of love, however, without the connection to pull it, the cart stops and love dies, so focus less on how to create more love, and instead, ask yourself, how can I connect more with my partner?” Connection is strengthened when you share activities, go through challenges together, and honestly communicate with each other.

Take a Break from Talking

You can’t seem to read or hear about any relationship advice without being told how important communication is, right? That’s true, but it doesn’t always mean talking about things over and over to resolve it perfectly. Sometimes the best thing you can do is STOP talking, breathe, go for a walk and remember why your relationship matters so much to you. Reconnecting with the bigger picture of your love for this person can help you filter out the unnecessary words and zero in on what you really want to say from a place of love.

Occasional Lying is Fine

It’s important to be honest on the whole, but there’s a difference between being honest and hurtful. White lies involve omitting the truth to spare someone’s feelings. For instance, if your partner worked hard to make you a nice meal and the food wasn’t so great, you might say the meal was good if asked just to appreciate their effort and avoid hurting them. White lies are not okay if something is constantly bothering you. For instance, if every holiday season your partner buys you a gift you don’t like, instead of smiling and saying how much you like it, communicate how you feel.”

You Don’t Need to Be Best Friends

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We’re practically spoon-fed the message that we should be dating and/or marrying our best friend—but it’s simply not true. It’s perfectly normal to have a best friend that you call often, confide in, and spend time with who is not your partner. Be clear about the boundaries of that friendship so that you’re not disrespecting your relationship, but don’t expect your partner to play the role of BFF either. There are just some things that your partner won’t be interested in hearing about that you can only talk to a close friend about.

Don’t Tell Your Friends and Family Everything

Now this is a no brainer but a lot of couples seem to fall into this habit. Parents and close friends are always going to ask about your relationship, and while you might want to dish out your bedroom woes or seek their advice on other quirks for partner may have, try to keep it general rather than spilling all the dirt. It’s important not to share these personal details of your relationship with others—especially fights or your sex life. This can cause you to get the wrong advice from those who might be a little biased towards either you or your partner, which can only make things worse. Talk to a neutral party instead.

Finances Matter A Lot

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People who don’t share core values and a shared mindset around money make for terrible partners and one of the top causes of divorce is a lack of alignment around money. Financial talk can lead to more arguments and disconnection in relationships, which is why it’s one of the most important parts of creating a happy, fulfilled, and sustainable relationship. So talk out any concerns or differences you might have ASAP.

His/Her Friends and Family Don’t Have to Love You

Ideally, it kind of makes things easier when your partner’s friends and family think you’re awesome and love having you around. But it’s certainly not a requirement for a successful relationship. If you and your partner’s best friend or relative don’t get along, that’s OK. As long as there’s an understanding of mutual respect and your partner isn’t influenced by that person’s feelings about you, there’s no need to be fake or force a friendship.


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