My husband has to have a girlfriend when I get married– Actress Kudirat Ogunro


The topic of infidelity and cheating spouses in marriages gets attention whenever it is discussed.  We hear about it frequently in the media and have seen the marriages of friends or relatives that have been devastated by infidelity.


Many couple internally ask the question, “How would I cope with such a situation if it were to happen to me?”

Budding actress, Kudirat Ogunro recently stated that she doesn’t have issues with her husband having a girlfriend after their marriage, adding that it is the way her home can be settled.

Kudirat made this known in a recent chat with The Sun.

“I’m not a jealous lover. In fact, when I get married, my husband has to have a girlfriend. .
That’s how my home can be settled and peaceful instead of him telling me ‘it’s only you baby’. No, I don’t believe in those words. I’m very serious. Men are polygamous by nature; so don’t let us fool ourselves.”

Her statement has sparked diverse reactions, with many women condemning her stance on marriage infidelity.

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