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Micheal Arowosaiye: I regret not picking his calls- Charity Nnaji cries out


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Svelte Nollywood actress, Charity Nnaji was shocked when she heard the news of the death of Micheal Arowosaiye, the music director of The Shepherd’s House Assembly in Abuja, who committed suicide on Tuesday.

Speaking on his death, the actress noted that Micheal made efforts to reach out to her but she ignored his calls and his chats.

According to her:”I really feel guilty  right now to be honest. The way we ignore and respond to chats and calls from our loved ones is bad when we don’t know what they are passing through.

“My heart goes to the family of Micheal, the man of God who committed suicide yesterday. I saw the post yesterday and my heart went into shred because this young man used to chat me up sometimes .He calls me sometimes, but I ignore his calls without knowing the reason why he is calling”, she wrote on Instagram.

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I really feel guilty of my self right now😢😢😢,,to be honest " the way we ignore or not respond to chats and calls from our love ones or friends at any point in time is so devastated,,, without knowing what they are passing through at that point of time,, my heart goes to the family of Micheal" the man of God who committed suicide yesterday ,,I saw the post yesterday my heart went into shreds,, because this young man ,use to chat me up sometimes ,he will even call me but I will ignore his calls without knowing the reason why he is calling me ,,, what am trying to say in essences, is this NOTE:THAT SOME OF OUR IGONORED CALLS OR CHAT MIGHTY SAVE A LIFE,,AT ANY GIVEN MINUTE,, PLS LETS MAKE OUT TIME TO GO TRUE THOSE CHAT ,, AND TRY CALLING BACK THOSE MISS CALL you never can tell how far it will go ,,RIP MICHEAL😭😭😭😢,, (SHIFT LEFT TO SEE OUR RECENT CONVERSATIONS)# suicide is not the best option

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In the same vein, a certain Olusegun Dosunmu also made some new revelations about the deceased singer, Micheal Arowosaiye.

Dosunmu refuted claims that Michael committed suicide due to his inability to pay rent and his nude photos leaked.

He said, ”I think it’s time I spoke up about the lies being peddled by the social media experts. May GOD rest the deceased’s soul. Mike Arowosaiye, the guy that committed suicide, was the music director at Shepherd’s House Assembly International, and not RCCG.

”He left RCCG over two years back. No one ever had or released Mike’s nudes. The church suspended Mike three months because he had some sexual escapades with the some girls in the choir. The church in its spiritual discretion felt Mike occupied a very sensitive position and should not abuse the office. Mike was due to be reinstated this Sunday (May 19).

”He was still in church on Monday and was seen beating the drums. He appeared lively. He allegedly ended his marriage to his fiancée by mutual consent and she moved to Lagos. She was also a member of the church. Mike didn’t look depressed and he never said to anyone that he was owing some rent. The church never stopped paying his salary all through the suspension, he wasn’t just going to minister on the stage.

”The disciplinary committee of church followed him up in his suspension days and felt he was remorseful and asked the church to reinstate him on Sunday. Rev. Joshua Talena, the senior Pastor, was said to have supported him with prayers and some cash gifts and told him that his suspension was necessary, to serve as deterrent to him and others.

”I’m able to reveal these because I was a staff and member of the church. The church brought me to Abuja from Lagos in 2011, and I was the head of their media department. I still have a cordial relationship with Rev. Talena and more importantly, the devout church members. But I wasn’t really close to Mike.

”I’m told the church is still shocked at his passing and they’ve given his phones and laptop to the police for investigation. Probably, possibly, he was having some conversations that they aren’t aware of. Mike was a great gospel artiste. He was 32,” Dosunmu told newsmen.


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