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Facebook reveals Most-Talked About Moment of 2017 [Infographic]

Facebook reveals Most-Talked About Moment of 2017 [Infographic]

Facebook has released its global Year in Review 2017 list on Wednesday, revealing the Most-Talked About Moment of the outgoing year 2017.

As the world gets its act together to bridge the gender gap and debates women-related issues, International Women’s Day was the most-talked about moment in 2017 on Facebook with conversations around the subject doubling from last year.

More than 165 million people generated more than 430 million interactions around the world related to Women’s Day.

TheNewsGuru reports Facebook posts from the US, Nigeria, India, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina accounted for more than half of the conversations globally.

With more than 262 million views on the social media platform, Super Bowl 51 grabbed the second spot, followed by the Las Vegas shooting that left 58 people dead and 546 injured, Facebook said in its 2017 Year In Review listing on Wednesday.

Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance performance was the most-loved moment of the Super Bowl game this year.

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“The Las Vegas violence motivated more than 3,300 people to offer community help through ‘Crisis Response’ on Facebook,” Naomi Gleit, Facebook Social Good Vice President said.

The massive September earthquake in Mexico at fourth spot drove millions of users marked themselves safe, offered aid or donated money to relief efforts on Facebook.

During hurricane Harvey in late August, the community rallied to help those in need by raising more than $20 million, in the biggest fundraising effort for a single crisis in 2017 on Facebook.

Terror-struck One Love Manchester concert by singer Ariana Grande was the most viewed video and live broadcast on Facebook in 2017.

The benefit concert generated over 80 million views and raised more than $450,000 for those affected by the Manchester terror attack.

The total solar eclipse in August brought the world together through more than 20,000 Facebook Events in more than 80 countries.

Women’s March on Washington, DC in January brought over 500,000 people together on and offline as the largest Facebook event for a single cause in the year.

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People also used Facebook to get connected in person worldwide.

“You made 414 new Facebook friends in 2017. Your friends have reacted to your posts with like, love, haha and wow 12,813 times in 2017,” Facebook told me, for instance.

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