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Are fans buying books written by Nigerian celebrities?

Storytelling is an art Nigerian celebrities are beginning to embrace in order to expand their brand and appeal to their fans. In the Nigerian entertainment scene, there was a time having your own clothing line or perfume was the rave of the moment. These days, our celebrities are sharing their stories in  book formats and also expanding their influence through it.

When Toke Makinwa started promoting  her controversial memoir titled On Becoming, a lot of Nigerians thought it was another regurgitated motivational gibberish till she released it and we discovered it’s an in-depth account of her failed marriage , her early childhood experiences and lot’s more.

The book became one of the trending topics on Nigerian social media platforms. Toke who is adept at using social media leveraged on this and it catapulted her to best-seller status.

According to Okada books :”Toke Makinwa’s On Becoming in three days the fastest selling book on the platform! God knows how many other copies Makinwa’s sold elsewhere, but I know that the shoki she was doing at The Experience was not for nothing! From today, I’m dubbing her Cash money Tee. All hail!” 

From her successful book tours held in Lagos, London, Ghana and other parts of Nigeria, Toke definitely made money from the book  and made Nigerians read again.

The truth is that every Nigerian superstar who has ever written a book or have books written about them, cannot share Toke Makinwa’s  kind of testimony.People won’t necessarily buy your book  because of your star power. Books are bought because of the message, how the message resonates with the fans, the marketing and lot’s more.

I have read Teju babyface’s memoir titled Secrets of the streets, which focuses on how one can succeed in the Nigerian entertainment drawing from his experience. I have also read  DJ Jimmy Jatt’s story authored by Toni Kan and Peju Akande, I have also devoured Very Good Bad Guy an account of 2face’s success story edited by Ayeni Adekunle.

But the question that keeps coming to mind is this: Are Nigerians really reading these books? Do they buy these books because of the star power of the author or are just victims of social media buzz? Only time will tell