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We are not owing teachers 28 months arrears in Osun – Official


The Statistician-General, State of Osun, Professor Wasiu Gbolagade has debunked media reports making the rounds that the state is owing teachers 28 months salary arrears.

Prof. Gbolagade in a media release observed that the claim that the state was owing her teachers 28 months half salaries was inaccurate and totally at variance with the situation of things in the state.

According to him, the bulk of the teachers in the state falls within a salary category that get their full monthly salary and allowances. ‘’the accurate data in the State Bureau of Statistics shows that the Government of State of Osun is not owing salaries of any worker or teachers in the grade level 1 to 7 which falls into 40% of the total population of teachers in the State.’’

He stated further that only ten percent of teachers in the state falls under the salary modulation system whereby they are paid 75 percent of their monthly emoluments. ‘’workers and teachers on level 8-10 which falls into 10% of the total population of teachers collects 75% of their salaries every month which means government is owning them 25% of their salaries. The categories that falls into level 12-17 are the ones getting half of their emoluments.’’ he noted.

Professor Gbolagade noted that to demonstrate its commitment to the welfare of workers in the state, the Aregbesola administration, in spite of paucity of funds, paid workers across all grade levels full salary in the month of December 2017.


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