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Strange illness results in unexplainable deaths in Rivers State


An unexplainable number of deaths have been reported in Bonny kingdom of Rivers State, and according to sources, in the past two weeks alone, at the last count, 11 persons have been reported dead. (TNG) reports this is coming after a dead whale washed ashore the beach of some communities in Bonny and reports of dead fish awash on an extensive stretch of the Niger Delta coastline broke out recently.

However, Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is being suspected as a cause of the unexplainable deaths as the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has deployed its officials to take samples and carry out an investigation.

According to Awoiyeala Samuel Allison, President of the Bonny Graduates Forum, there has been an increasing number of incidences of loss of smell and loss of taste experienced by residents of Bonny.

He said the impacted populace cuts across every stratum of the society, but that mostly adults from teenage and upwards are affected.

“Aside the symptoms of loss of smell and loss of taste, there have been other co-symptoms such as weakness, stooling, coughing, headache, and very minute incidences of fever. The disease burden is reported high by the medical community and encompasses every medical facility in Bonny.

“There have been unexplainable number of deaths in the past two weeks, at the last count 11 persons have been reported dead and the cause of death is currently being investigated. The medical community in Bonny LGA is already profiling these trend and working with the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) to ascertain if this is a case of infiltration of the community by novel Coronavirus.

“As at today, NCDC officials are in town and taking samples from volunteers to test for COVID-19 and will soon make their findings public,” President of the Bonny Graduates Forum stated.

Meanwhile, the Allison urged residents and visitors to take the utmost caution with exposure, advising people to stay indoors.

“But more importantly, the need for strict adherence to the COVID-19 protocols have become necessary. These include social distancing, personal hygiene such as washing of hands and use of hand sanitizers, and avoidance of large gatherings,” he stated.

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