2019: Stop senseless killings, Taiga urges warring factions


The President-General of Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) Worldwide, Olorogun Moses Taiga, has called on politicians of Urhobo extraction to prevail on their supporters to stop the senseless political violence currently going on in Urhobo land.

Olorogun Taiga spoke against the background of reported political violence which led to the death of political party supporters in Uvwie and Abraka in Delta Central Senatorial District, Delta State.

“I have said before; do not shed the blood of any Urhobo son or daughter to achieve your political ambition. If you kill the people you are aspiring to serve, who will you serve when you get to power; goats and other domestic animals,” Olorogun Taiga asked rhetorically.

He advised Urhobo sons being used as thugs to be wise and tell their masters to use their own children instead.

“Do not endanger or waste your precious life for any politician,” he admonished the youths.

Olorogun Taiga reiterated his earlier call on politicians to go about their campaigns peacefully.

“Sell your programmes to the people and let them decide who they want as their representative or governor,” he stated.

He urged all contestants, especially those of the two major political parties in the state not to upset the fragile peace in Delta State, in general, and Urhoboland, in particular.

He further appealed to candidates in Delta Central to play politics as refined people and eschew any form of bitterness and rancor.

“There is always life after politics; we are all one with a common heritage. Our people in politics should not upset the table today over politics because tomorrow offers greater and bigger opportunities,” he added.


The UPU PG maintained that the UPU is the umbrella body of all Urhobos and remains neutral.

He, however, urged Urhobos to vote for only politicians who will protect and further the interest of the Urhobo Nation.


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