Deltans react as govt plans to demolish kiosks, caravans in Warri, environs


Deltans have expressed divergent views, barely 24 hours after the Delta State Government revealed plans to demolish kiosks and caravans in Warri, Uvwie and environs, in efforts to clean up the city.

TheNewsGuru (TNG) reports the State Government also revealed plans to eliminate street/roadside trading in the Warri metropolis, and also clear the city towns of dirts.

Ovuozorie Macaulay, Director General of the newly established Warri/Uvwie and Environs Special Area Development Agency made the plans known while reeling out his first major assignments as he steps into office.

He said his first assignment as he resumed at the agency will be to clear the filth littering the nooks and crannies of the city and change the landscape of the oil rich city.

“Warri is full of kiosks and caravans. First, we must clear Warri to become a clean environment.

“For Warri to be that kind of city we are looking forward to, we must eliminate all those street trading, road side trading, all those caravans must go and we must clean the environment of the dirt before we talk of drainage.

“That, by the grace of God, will be our first assignment,” Macaulay told journalists.

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Reacting, Deltans mostly expressed opposing views against the planned demolition, with some advising the State Government providing alternatives for those that would be affected.

Why William Morrison said, “Mostly that Effurun market. Hold up is too much on that road,” Okoro Emmanuel said, “Well if this is true, then it is a shame and useless development”, and Henry Igbolu said “When there are no jobs in the State is that not foolishness?”

“Is that the development we voted for? How many companies or job opportunities has this administration created that would warrant another creation of joblessness?” Emavwodia Jude queried.

In his opinion, Solomon Efole said, “Removal of Kiosks and caravans through which people sell their articles and wares to earn their living should not be a priority to the Delta State Government”.

He further stated that, “Infact, what are the myriads of Special Advisers, Senior Special Advisers doing in Okowa Government? Why can’t he tackle the alarming rate of insecurity in the state?

“Some States are building independent Power project to boost electricity to enhance economic wellbeing of their people, but your priority is caravan and kiosks. What a shame!”

“I see this as madness and cruelty to the people. What means did the government provide for them to survive,” Ogheneochuko Blessing said.

Another anonymous Deltan, however, advised the State Government “…should fix these people in a decent place where they can trade and pay any form of taxes to the  local govt,” stressing “They are the base of the Nigerian economy”.

Meanwhile, Ovuozorie had said for the new agency to achieve its objective of changing the narrative and ensuring the emergence of a beautiful Warri city, the agency will, of necessity, step on toes and that many should expect to make sacrifices for the expected dream for Warri to materialize.

“I know the sensitivity of the people of the area. I am going there with an open mind. In making it clean environment, we are going to step on toes.

“You cannot put a beautiful edifice without destroying the bad one that was there. So, we must step on toes and people must be ready to make that sacrifice for Warri to be clean,” Macaulay said.

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