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Buhari reassigns excess contributions for APC Not Too Young To Run aspirants

Buhari reassigns excess contributions for APC Not Too Young To Run aspirants

President Muhamadu Buhari, upon receiving the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential expression of interest and nomination forms, has directed excess contributions be reassigned to support Not Too Young To Run aspirants in the party.

TheNewsGuru (TNG) reports President Buhari on Tuesday received APC presidential expression of interest and nomination forms bought for him by the Nigeria Consolidation Ambassadors Network (NCAN).

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Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, who is also the Director-General, Buhari Campaign Organisation, had said the expression of interest and nomination forms presented to Buhari was purchased by a large number of people in NCAN who made contributions.

“In accepting this nomination form from the NCAN today, I have asked all the other groups who have offered to buy my nomination form to reassign their contributions to the Not Too Young To Run wing of the APC.

“Nigeria is blessed with many talented and visionary youth who have a lot to contribute. Many of them may not be able to afford the nomination fees set by our party. The contributions of willing individuals & groups will go a long way in supporting the next generation of leaders.

“I have therefore requested that any remaining funds raised to buy my presidential nomination form be used to support these young, competent and dynamic future leaders,” he said.

The president went on memory lane, narrating how his political journey started in 2002, when he emerged from what he likened to his second retirement.

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“My political journey started in 2002, when I emerged from what I like to call my second retirement. My first retirement started in 1985, in a small bungalow in Benin City. My second retirement started in 1999, when the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF), which I chaired, was disbanded.

“In 2002 I joined partisan politics, with a group of like-minded people. We went to work, campaigned hard and formed a credible opposition. Nigerians voted. But when the results came out, we had lost by close to 12 million votes. The statistics did not add up.

“We came out once again in 2007 with our simple mission to CHANGE things, since it is our desire that the dividends of democracy must be felt by all, and not just a handful.

“When the 2007 election results came out, we were told we lost by over 18 million votes. This election was a national disgrace. International observers called it a “charade”, “flawed” and “illegitimate”. Even the declared winners were embarrassed by the results.

“Again, we decided to do the right thing. We went to court. And like in 2003, the Supreme Court upheld the results. This time, Nigerians were not deprived of their basic right, it was actually stolen from them right in front of their eyes in broad daylight.

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“In the 2011 elections, things got a bit better compared to 2007. We only lost by 10 million votes, according to the electoral commission.

“Whether it was by design or through divine intervention, the Permanent Voters Card (PVC), was introduced for the 2015 elections. The PVC became the saviour for Nigerians. This meant every Nigerian now had an equal voice, and brought an end to the impunity of the past.

“Finally, the people’s voices could be heard, and eventually was heard through the ballot box. Our dream for change, which started in 2002, finally became a reality.

“We have come a long way in 3 years. On the national security front, we have regained lost territory in the North East. We are decisively addressing new security challenges locally while maintaining our regional and international commitments.

“On infrastructure development: we are completing old rail and road projects and starting new ones; reviving power projects abandoned for decades; developing affordable housing projects across the country; & commenced long overdue repairs and upgrades of our sea and air ports

“On food security, we have supported our farmers to produce. We have rehabilitated abandoned fertiliser plants. We have seen unprecedented investments in food processing. All these have led to a decline in food and other agricultural imports.

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“Our fight against corruption is also yielding results. The strict implementation of the treasury single account (TSA) has stopped the leakages in government activities. Our aggressive anti-corruption campaign has shown that it is no longer business as usual.

“Our social investment program is feeding children in schools; giving microcredit loans to entrepreneurs in the rural economy; providing jobs for unemployed graduates; and providing cash to the most vulnerable and poorest Nigerians.

“We are also engaging the oil and gas sector to ensure investments continue in the upstream sector while we at the same time reduce scarcity and shortages of products in the downstream sector.

“Our economic recovery and growth plan has created the platform for a diversified, sustainable and inclusive economy for future generations.

“These achievements over the past 3 years have not been easy. Corruption has been fighting back from both within and outside. But we have held our ground.

“Today, I am pleased to say the weakest amongst us, whose selfish expectations did not align with our selfless vision, have exited our party.

“We now have a party of strong and patriotic individuals who are ready, willing and able to continue on this journey of building a strong, secure, self-sufficient and corruption-free Nigeria,” he said.


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