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Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa: Promise made, promise kept

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By Bayagbon Daniel

In advent of the recently concluded PDP primary elections in Delta State, the political scenario was high in the camps of Aspirants vying for various elective offices.

Before now , according to some political observers in Delta State, the incumbent Governor has the final say as to who hoist the flag of the party, be it House of Assembly , Federal House of Representatives or the Senate . It is believed that , it is the prerogative of the Governor to decide even against the wishes of the people they intend to represent as the case may be.

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Wisdom they say is the principal thing as against the opposite . Given “WISDOM “ to direct profitably like the biblical KING SOLOMON , Governor Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa in his wisdom to change the mindset of politicians and
non-politicians in Delta State, promised that all Aspirants vying for various elective offices would be given a level playing field to test their popularity in the PDP primaries and only those who came out victorious would hoist the flag of the party in the general elections.

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The Governor’s promise of a free, fair and credible PDP primaries incited politicians to sit upright thus encouraging some non-politicians to delve into politics occasioned by the “no business as usual “ political terrain .

When some politicians observed the seriousness of the Governor to make sure that his promises are kept to the latter, those used to the language
” THE GOVERNOR SAY ” or ” THE GOVERNOR INSTRUCTED ” syndrome , began to buckle up. Those who could not cope with the free and fair primary elections withdrew from the race while some defected to other political parties, where they can easily get the ticket on a platter without stress.

It is indeed the first time in the history of Delta State, that all aspirants vying for various elective offices were given a level playing field . This acted as a moral booster and encouragement to fresh politicians who contested for various elective offices for the first time . Whether or not they lose , they can leverage on positive experiences garnered from it , knowing that there are better days ahead as well as a good start to building their political career.

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Of a truth , the just concluded PDP primaries is an eye opener to some major players in Delta State politics as they were pushed out by some newbies courtesy the free, fair and credible elections promised by Governor Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa.

Not only did Governor Okowa promise Aspirants a free and fair primaries , he also provided tight security in all the venues where the primary elections took place. Highly coordinated hitch free primary elections across the State, there was no rancor or blood shed witnessed in the venues where the primary elections were conducted.

Inspite of losing , Aspirants were very much satisfied with the conduct of the PDP primary elections , affirming the Governor’s resolve for a free and fair elections.

Some unsuccessful Aspirants in the PDP primaries are of the opinion that , with the way and manner the PDP primaries went, it should transcend to the National level.

An Aspirant who also lost in the primary election has this to say when interviewed
” No interference whatsoever from either the Governor or political leaders , delegates had their say , they voted for candidates of their respective choice and that’s how elections should go in this Country ”

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From all indications , it seems INEC would borrow a leaf from the recently concluded Delta State PDP primary elections to replicate same in the forthcoming general elections.

Governor Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa’s PROMISE of a free and fair PDP primaries to Aspirants vying for various elective offices was truly KEPT.


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