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Budget Destination: What You Should Consider For Your Travel




Learning about the ancient time is a thing of interest to many people, discovering totally how things were, at the ages, comparing the lifestyle of our forefathers to the present age. It would be of great interest considering how life would be without the technology. Trying to imagine how the people coped without telephones, Computer devices, and televisions.

Learning about the life’s of the likes of Roman empire, the story of the World war, the famous titanic lovestory of Romeo and Juliet, it would of interest to see images built from the ages, to learn about Sir Rutherford’s discoveries amongst other scientist. So many interesting thing to learn about.

There are a lot of ways to learn about the beautiful story of the ancient times, from movies to listening to stories as told by the elders to the elders till it gets to us.

But one of the best way to learn and know about the ancient story is by visiting the museum.


Museum; The Epic Home Of Ancient Times.

A museum is an institution that consist of collections of artifacts and other objects of Artistic, cultural, scientific or historical importance. There are types of museum ranging from Encyclopedia museum, to Art Museum to amongst others. Museum, aside from what it is, is always one of the best place to visit around the globe, offering a life time experience for a tourist.

Museum offer access to mostly all historical event, be it the documented book or portrait of the great icons that made the event occur. A museum can easily be referred to as the home of historical event with evidences!

There are a lot of museums all around the world, approximately a staggering fifty five thousand museum in 202 countries and that speaks a lot about the Importance of the museum. Though it is recorded that over 30,000 are in the United state of America.

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Focus: The British Museum

The British museum( known as the Victoria and Albert museum) is one of the biggest museum in the world, it is the second largest museum in Europe, behind the French Louvre in Paris, also it’s ranked as 8th Largest museum in the world with a stunning 30,000m^2 gallery space.

Also, it is the world largest museum of decorative art and designs, having a collection of over 2 million. It was built on 12.5 acres of land, and it collection span 5000 years ago, having collections from around Europe, North Africa, North America and Asia.And it was built some gears ago, approximately 170 years. It’s located in London, the heartbeat of the Great Britain. The Museum is one of the unique qualities the city possesses that makes it a good ides for the tourist. It will be of interest to visit a place like that.

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