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I didn’t feel like kissing an actor on set- Queeneth Agbor

Light skinned actress, Queeneth Agbor is one role interpreter whose versatility sets her apart. The outspoken actress told TheNewsGuru that she has been in a situation where she didn’t feel like kissing an actor, though it was written in the script

Hear her: “I have had experiences on set where I didn’t feel like kissing an actor over and over again. You know we actors we fight a lot. But one will have to act with such a person, what would you do? You just have to act. Even for the ladies too we fight. You cannot be friends with everybody, people have different attitudes and beliefs .There are colleagues in the office that you don’t talk but you guys still work in the same office.”

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When asked what she would do, If she finds out that a lady has snatched her fiancée, she said:”If a girl can snatch your man, that man wasn’t yours in the first place. Its good riddance to bad rubbish. It has never happened to me, but there has been an attempt. No lady can get snatch my man, I know my onions”.

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