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“I now physically engage in coitus affair with a snake” – Prophet reveals

Pachawa Kwanamba, a Zimbabwean self-professed prophet, has confessed of his involvement in coitus sessions with snakes.

According to Zim News, the 40-year-old was helpless over the situation which started after he had an affair with one Sheila Taibu, a member of a popular cult in Zimbabwe. He said: “I now physically engage in coitus affair with a snake. The mysterious snake is in the habit of penetrating me from my behind every day.

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“Sometimes I feel it is much better for me to die than to continue to live the life that I am living. “Mysterious things have been happening to me ever since the day I had an affair with Sheila and I now regret the decision I made of indulging in amoral relationship with her.

“Whenever I explain my situation to people some think I am insane and others would cut communication ties with me. “I helplessly find myself being a victim of intercourse from the bottom every day; the snake only comes whilst I am about to sleep and enters me from behind. “This does not happen spiritually but the snake comes in its physical state and I even have scars on my behind to prove what I am saying.

“I have since lost my prophetic powers as a result of being intimate with the woman. “When I reflect at what is happening in my life, I am reminded of the biblical Samson who lost all his powers after sleeping with Delilah. “The trauma is tormenting,” he added.